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Let me tell you right now the most glorious sight in the world is Ladyboy Beer with her cock ROCK HARD while fucking. Did you know she's excited and loving her prostrate tickled by a bareback cock? Miss Beer is a shining example with her blonde hair and amazingly fit body. Beer has a beautiful cock and loves to both top and bottom with her lovers. What gets Beer off is being held and looking into her lover's eyes. Cock stretching her always receptive anus. One of the best fucks on the planet!

Birthday: Sept 17
Height: 5'4" (163cm)
Weight: 114lb (52kg)
Shoe: 40
Measurements: 31A-25-33
Cock: 5.5 Inches
Email: Only on
Phone: Only on
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This is why I made a tribute to Ladyboy Beer by making her a personal fanpage! Guys, there's no denying. Ladyboy Beer is an absolute Bangkok superstar and the exact reason you are here today. When I first met her in Bangkok I was just stuned, you know that you can throw a rock in Bangkok, and where-ever it lands there's a party going on. Still sometimes when you least expect it, heading on to the market for a quick afternoon Noodle lunch after a long night out you see the most amazing, stunning Ladyboys marching down the Soi. This is exactly how I met Beer for the first time, the first exchanged smile was the golden ticket to success. I forget all about being hungry and her quote "I have room, want fuck you" just made me rock hard instantly. I didn't hesitate and followed my rock hard cock after her little booty swinging down the street wondering how big her cock was. Her room was upstairs from shitty little beer bar on Soi Honey. Walking upstairs entering the room she took her panties off presenting a hard 5.5 inch cock.. I was in shorttime love! This Ladyboy Beer shorttime experience, despite the fact I shorttimed as well longtimed a handful of other Ladyboys was stuck on my mind and therefore decided to make her a personal fanpage for everyone to enjoy. I found out that she was actually featured on and so I joined the site (two for one) and actually got her working telephone number and email address which put me in contact with my lost and beloved Ladyboy Beer Cheers guys and enjoy!


All Purple
All Purple

Blonde Beer couldn't look more beautiful than she does in her purple lingerie. Beer gives hot views of her fishnet stocking legs spread wide in bed. Beer's panties are pulled aside and her rockhard rod points skyward. Beer spreads her petite buns and inserts a pointy tipped anal toy against her sphincter. Beer pushes the curved glass toy all the way inside till it touches her prostrate. Beer pulls out of her wrinkled gaping ass-pussy.
Homework Hottie
Homework Hottie

Adorable schoolgirl Beer has a crush on you. She writes a big love note with "I Heart You" on it to show you how she feels. Even better Beer wants to show it, teasing you with upskirt views of her white bottom panties. Beer slides down the panties and her pretty dick is erect. Beer takes big red anal beads up her teen ass. The remaining beads hang out of Beer's ass like a horny tail. She wags her ass and cums all over her desk!

Kitchen Candy
Kitchen Candy

Take a hot peek up Beer's tight denim miniskirt! Beer seductively sucks on a candy cane, then pulls down her panties. Beer's dangling meat swings out and stiffens to the touch. Beer strokes her shaft and a pink vibrator slips deep into Beer's bottom. The vibration causes Beer to climax, her girlie juice dripping as her wrinkled hole gapes.
Milk Bath Enema
Milk Bath Enema

Beer strips naked in the bathtub for a milk enema! Milk and oil cover Beer's perfect Femboy body. Beer's hung dick sticks straight up while a plunger of milk goes inside her teen ass. Beer shoots out the milk in a naughty close-up and slips a black buttplug inside. Beer's tool erupts Ladyboy honey as Beer writhes in pure bliss.


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